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AnchorAge: Georgia Ports Authority
Published quarterly by the Georgia Ports Authority's Corporate Communications Department, Georgia Ports Authority AnchorAge, is distributed free of charge to more than 9,000 subscribers worldwide. A strategic marketing tool for the GPA's global commercial activities, as well as a wealth of general public outreach initiatives, each issue features numerous articles detailing the Authority's commercial success and its impact on Georgia's bustling economy.


Current Issue: FALL 2016, Vol. 71

Inside this issue:

GPA’s Mid-American Arc To Expand Target Market


  • McCarthy to Head Operations at GPA
  • JCB Growth Continues with Largest Shipment to Savannah 
  • Ocean Link Opens Eatonton Warehouse
  • GPA Board Approves $19.7M for New Inland Terminal 
  • Global Commerce Generates $4.4B in Investments in Georgia
  • Cargo Move Revives Barge Traffic to Augusta 
  • GPA wins EPA Clean Air Award
  • World Distribution Expands Warehouse Network in Savannah 


  • GPA Adding 100 Acres of Auto Processing Space
  • Savannah Sees First Vessel Through Expanded Panama Canal 
  • GPA Extends ‘Gray’ Chassis Pool Agreement
  • John S. James Celebrates 75th Year

SAVANNAH: Sailing Schedule

BRUNSWICK: Sailing Schedule